X Max/X Vape

One of the hottest vape designers around right now is TopGreen Tech, the guys behind the X Max and X Vape line of portable dry herb, wax, and liquid vaporizers. 

The X Max line of portables includes the X Max Starry, which is often considered to be one of the best vapes under $160, as well as the X Max V2 Pro. The V2 Pro, in particular, is a top-seller due to its hybrid dry herb, wax, and liquid vaping capabilities. 

TopGreen Tech's latest line of portable vapes, the X Vape range, is a little more upmarket and includes the X Vape Vista dual eRig/eNail, as well as the ultra-premium X Vape FOG Full-Convection Portable Vape. 

If you're in the market for a premium portable vape with a super-reasonable price tag, check out our range of X Max/X Vape vaporizers and get blasting today!

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